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How Dtrace could come to Linux

Without much notice, Oracle has changed the license of Dtrace. The tool adopted by Sun could theoretically be incorporated into the main branch of Linux . This is probably not the case. Already half a year ago Oracle...


Canonical wants to collect telemetry in Ubuntu

In order to improve its development on Ubuntu, the Linux distributor Canonical wants to automatically collect user hardware information as well as information about installed packages and crash reports. “We want to be able to focus our development efforts...


What was discontinued and closed in 2017

The year 2017 comes to an end and with it various projects, companies and products in the IT industry. Not only the Jamaican coalition failed and Germany’s formerly second largest airline filed for bankruptcy, many...


CPU bugs have been known since June 2017, according to Google

Not only Intel is affected by the serious vulnerability in processors, by which attackers can read sensitive data. Google’s Project Zero explains the functioning of the memory leaks and Linus Torvalds expects honesty. Intel wants to quickly take...


Programming an x86 processor like an Arduino

The Arduino -Online IDE support with Intel’s help in the future x86-based Linux Computers including migration path to professional IDEs. A fully configured hardware kit is designed to make it easier for embedded developers to get started. Arduino Create ,...