Memory-Optimized VPS

Enjoy increased power, flexibility, and control for your websites and applications.

High performance at unbeatable prices

21 Neutral Datacenters Around the World

Multiple IPv4 and IPv6 addresses


Memory-Optimized VPS

KVM-based Cloud Virtual Servers with lots of memory, dedicated resources and SSD Storage in multiple datacenters worldwide.

Plan Storage CPU Memory Bandwidth Price
M16 50GB SSD 2 vCPUs 16GB RAM 8TB $65.37/mo Deploy Now
M32 100GB SSD 4 vCPUs 32GB RAM 12TB $130.74/mo Deploy Now
M64 200GB SSD 8 vCPUs 64GB RAM 15TB $261.48/mo Deploy Now
M128 400GB SSD 16 vCPUs 128GB RAM 20TB $522.96/mo Deploy Now
M192 600GB SSD 24 vCPUs 192GB RAM 30TB $784.44/mo Deploy Now
M256 800GB SSD 32 vCPUs 256GB RAM 40TB $1045.92/mo Deploy Now
M512 1000GB SSD 64 vCPUs 512GB RAM 50TB $2091.84/mo Deploy Now

VAT is not included in our advertised price and will be charged separately for customers from European Union, unless they provide a valid VAT ID for extemption.

Need a custom VPS?

Configure your own Cloud Instance

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Global Datacenter Network

We have extensive reach worldwide so you can always choose the best option for you. Deploy your high-memory VPS plan anywhere, anytime.

Quality makes the difference

That is why we are offering the best features for you to work with.


Dedicated Resources

The Cloud VPS has dedicated CPU, SSD storage, and RAM Memory, just for you.


Multiple IP addresses

You can apply for multiple IPv4 addresses. All VPSs' are provisioned automatically with a /64 IPv6 Subnet.


SSH Keys

Keep your vps safe by removing access through passwords, and install your ssh key with just 1 click.


Custom ISO

You can upload your own ISO file and install whatever OS you want directly from our cloud panel.



State-of-the-art infrastructure maximizing your server potential.


Solid State Drives

We utilize high performance SSD's to guarantee that your instance has high disk I/O.


1Gbps connection

An excellent experience with a swift network throughput for your VPS.



We always keep our services working smoothly, never overselling!


Root Access

You will get full control of your self-managed cloud instance.


Instant Activation

Your high-memory VPS will be automatically provision after payment.


RAID Storage

We use RAID SSD storage to improve write-speed, IOps and fault tolerance.


Multiple locations

World-wide locations giving you the opportunity to get one nearest to you.


Premium Network

Our network provides the very highest levels of resiliency, traffic capacity, and the lowest possible route latency. All Points-of-Presence (POPs) on the network are built on the latest generation of Cisco routing equipment.

Regional backhaul is generally carried over private dark fibre, with an international backbone consisting of multiple dedicated 10Gigabit wavelength circuits from various cable operators.

Service Level Agreement

Here at Virtono we guarantee 100% uptime being that is our responsibility to ensure that your servers remain up.

All our datacenter are Tier3 certified.

We assure you that everything will go as planned. Our services strive to provide a safe environment for your business. Everything is under control, we have one eye open 24/7.


Dedicated Support

Our company values you most, being that you are a part of us we believe in helping each other out.

That is why we are available for you 24/7, any question you may ask or any problem you may encounter we will be there along your side to help you get through it.

Technical and customer support is one of the most appraised resource in our company. We strive for efficiency, knowing that your time is valuable and we are trying to always stay ahead of any problems so that you will not be encountered with any inconvenience.

You know what recommends us?

The people that already bought from us, we are always true to our promises and we have our clients' testimonials to prove for it.