Cloud VPS

KVM-based Cloud Virtual Servers with dedicated resources and SSD Storage in multiple datacenters.

Cloud VPS XS

-60% yearly

€35.40 14.95/Year 2.95 per month


1 Core Processor

512MB Memory

1Gbps Connection

1 IPv4 Address

/64 IPv6 Subnet

1TB Bandwidth

cloud Vps S

best price

€47.40 23.70/Year 3.95 per month


1 Core Processor

1GB Memory

1Gbps Connection

1 IPv4 Address

/64 IPv6 Subnet

2TB Bandwidth

Cloud VPS M

€107.40 53.70/Year 8.95 per month


1 Core / 2 Threads

2GB Memory

1Gbps Connection

Up to 4 IPv4 Address

/64 IPv6 Subnet

3TB Bandwidth

Cloud VPS L

€215.40 107.70/Year 17.95 per month


2 Core / 4 Threads

4GB Memory

1Gbps Connection

Up to 8 IPv4 Address

/64 IPv6 Subnet

4TB Bandwidth

Cloud VPS XL

€419.40 209.70/Year34.95per month


4 Core / 8 Threads

8GB Memory

1Gbps Connection

Up to 16 IPv4 Address

/64 IPv6 Subnet

8TB Bandwidth

Need more powerful servers? Check our Dedicated Instances plans.

Why choose Virtono for your Cloud VPS?

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Resources

The Cloud VPS has dedicated CPU, SSD storage, and RAM Memory, just for you.

Internal IP Address

Internal IP addresses

Your virtual machine can now "talk" with another server from the same datacenter through a private network.


SSH Keys

Keep your vps safe by removing access through passwords, and install your ssh key into the vps with just 1 click.

Custom ISO

Custom ISO

You can upload your own ISO file and install whatever OS you want directly from our cloud panel.

Cloud VPS top features

High-performance, high-availability unmanaged Cloud Server using KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) full-virtualization deployed in Cloud.

Instant Activation

Your Cloud VPS will be automatically provision after payment.

Solid State Drives

To maximize cloud's performance, we use only SSDs in our storages.

RAID Storage

Our Raid improves write-speed, IOps and fault tolerance.

High Performance

We use only professional hardware: HPe servers and Cisco routers.

100% Uptime

We guarantee 100% uptime for our hypervisors and network.

24/7 Monitoring

We are monitoring all hypervisors to ensure all services are running 24/7.

Fast Network

Each hypervisor is connected on multiple 10G networks.

Root Access

Your get full admin privileges (root access) to your Cloud Server.

VAT is not included in our advertised price and will be charged separately for customers from European Union, unless they provide a valid VAT ID for extemption.