Last summer, Mozilla officially launched its own VPN service, Mozilla VPN . This has since been available in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia. Previously, this only applied to Windows, Android and iOS, but now Linux and macOS users can also use the service.

Also for Linux and macOS

A subscription to Mozilla VPN costs $ 4.99 per month and can be used on up to five different devices. There are 280 servers in over 30 countries around the world, which, according to Mozilla, are not limited in bandwidth. Mozilla uses the servers of Mullvad, a Swedish VPN provider that has an excellent reputation in the VPN scene. The VPN tunnel software WireGuard is used as the encryption protocol.

Regarding confidentiality, Mozilla writes on its website:

We do not log, track, or share any of your network activities. We strictly adhere to Mozilla’s privacy policy and only collect the minimal amount of data necessary to keep the VPN healthy and functional.

Mullvad as a partner

It is not yet known when the service will also be available in this country. So if you want to support Mozilla financially, you have to wait. Furthermore, there is no reason not to directly choose Mullvad as a reliable VPN partner. Then 671 servers in 36 countries are available for 5 euros per month .

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