Hello, my name is Stefan, I am an analyst at Virtono and you already know the drill, we are here to discuss the latest news regarding WordPress 6.0.

Get comfortable, get yourself a glass of water and some snacks, and let’s get straight into it.

The latest and greatest WordPress release: WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” is here, and it’s making waves. It synchronized itself perfectly with the latest WordCamp event in Porto, Portugal #WCEU2022.

It is the second major release of 2022 so we can expect major updates and improvements as per usual. Gutenberg 12.0 & 13.0 features are included in this update.

To get our facts straight WordPress deployed over 400 updates, 500 bug fixes, and 91 new features in this release.

Today we will focus on features that will have an impact on how users tend to use WordPress, so read on to find out what’s new.

Full-site editing upgrades

The whole idea behind full-site editing was to provide WordPress users with a collection of resources and features that allow them to build an entire website using Gutenberg blocks, innovative, intelligent, and simple.

The perfect combination.

This update, 6.0, follows the footsteps of the previous major release and continues to make improvements to full-site editing, the only thing is that you need to use block-based themes to take full advantage of this solution.

Theme style diversity

One sentence, global style variations to block themes.

This means that with WordPress 6.0 is incredibly easy to apply a new style across your whole website with just one click, yeah… you read that right.

Block-theme export

WordPress 6.0 comes with a great life-quality feature, users can now easily export a block theme and apply it to a new site. Basically, any edits, templates, or changes can be saved and exported to a .zip file.  WordPress users can practically build themes in a visual way, bye-bye coding!

New templates & theme patterns

More template options in the theme editor this is what WordPress 6.0 is bringing to the table, several new templates for specific functions that include templates for displaying posts from a specific author, category, date, tag, or taxonomy. Devs are pushing to further improve the visual editing experience, so they are creating more block patterns to be used in themes.

WordPress 6.0 lets you easily register patterns from the Pattern Directory through theme.json. More info regarding this matter can be found by checking out his WordPress core post.

Block editors improvements

WordPress 6.0 has made a lot of improvements and enhancements to the block editor, here are some important ones:

New blocks

This major release comes with several new blocks including post-author biography, avatar, no result in query loop, read more, and comment query loop.

The comment query loop block is the latest addition to WordPress 6.0, with it users will have a vast variety of customization options when it comes to designing the comment section. This block has the advanced function of displaying comments on a specific post based on different guidelines.

List view new and improved.

Keep in mind that before this update, working with list view would display every block you had on a page, resulting in a tedious process that would end up costing time.

WordPress 6.0 comes up with a great solution to this predicament, basically, the items in the list are grouped together and collapsed, and each time that you click on any block it will highlight its precise position in the list view.

Block-locking feature

So, if you don’t want a block to be moved or edited anymore you can simply lock it and a padlock will appear when you click on it. This padlock will also appear when you open the list view, this feature is especially useful when you are working with reusable blocks.

Cover block new features

The cover block has now the ability to dynamically grab a post’s featured image and use that as a background image.

When inserting a cover block the will be an icon next to the “add media” option that will let you toggle this feature, you can even control the transparency of the background image.

Button style duplication

With WordPress 6.0 creating multiple buttons with the same style becomes easier than ever. After you customized your button by using a button block you can click on the “plus” icon to add additional buttons, those buttons will have the same style as the ones that you have created before. Basically, skipping the process of redoing every customization for every new button.

Writing Improvements

Generally, every major WordPress release came with improvement to the writing experience. Arturo is no different, some of these changes are minor but they have an impact on how users write content on WordPress.

Until now it was inconvenient to select text across two different blocks, you would just end up selecting all the text from the two blocks instead of just selecting the preferred text. WordPress 6.0 fixed that problem, now you can select and edit text across multiple blocks, what a day to be alive.

Another cool release is the new link completer shortcut, “[[“, by typing this you will be presented with a list of links on your site, simply type the keywords from the title of the page/post that you are looking for and poof… magic happens. Internal linking becomes a much easier job from now on.

Design tools got upgraded

New layout options have been added to the group block which include arranging blocks in a horizontal or vertical manner. On top of this, now it is possible to modify the border of an individual block within a group, everything from its width, color, and style.

Block gap support is also being introduced to the group block, giving you control over the gap between individual blocks within a group, this feature is also included in the gallery block, basically, letting you control the spacing of your images.

These are minor upgrades, but definitely an improvement to the quality of life.

Learn more things by keeping an eye out for our community posts.

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