As members of the Virtono team, we were excited to attend CloudFest 2023 and explore the latest advancements and trends in cloud computing. The three-day conference provided us with an incredible opportunity to network with industry peers, learn from experts, and showcase our own cloud hosting solutions.


The event was a hub of activity, with over 200 exhibitors showcasing the latest products, solutions, and services in cloud technology. As a leading provider of cloud hosting services, we were excited to showcase our own solutions and engage with potential clients and partners.

One of the highlights of the conference was the variety of keynote speeches and technical sessions on offer. We attended presentations on a range of topics, from cloud security to data analytics and digital transformation. The sessions provided us with valuable insights and practical knowledge that we could apply to our own cloud hosting solutions.

The conference also allowed us to connect with other industry leaders and enthusiasts, providing a platform for meaningful conversations and exchange of ideas. It was inspiring to see how cloud computing is transforming businesses and industries worldwide, and we were excited to be a part of the discussion.

During CloudFest 2023, we had the opportunity to speak with representatives from Ampere Computing and learn about their innovative processors. We were impressed by their commitment to providing high-performance, energy-efficient processors that are specifically designed for cloud workloads. We discussed ideas about how to make their processors even better. It was a productive conversation, and we were excited to learn about their plans for the future of cloud computing. We look forward to exploring opportunities for collaboration with Ampere Computing and incorporating their cutting-edge technology into our own cloud hosting solutions.

At CloudFest 2023, we had a technical discussion with representatives from SUSE about their Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) and how it works. We were impressed by the flexibility and scalability of RKE, which is designed to simplify the deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters. The SUSE team provided us with a detailed overview of RKE’s architecture and demonstrated its capabilities, including features like automated backups and disaster recovery. The technical discussion was highly informative, and we left with a deeper understanding of how RKE can be used to enhance our own cloud hosting solutions. We look forward to exploring opportunities to incorporate RKE into our platform and provide even more value to our clients.

During the conference, we also had a business discussion with representatives from Virtuozzo, a leading provider of cloud infrastructure software. We discussed potential partnerships and opportunities for collaboration, including the use of their powerful Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure (VHI) technology. The business discussion was productive and left us with a clear understanding of the value that Virtuozzo could bring to our business. We look forward to exploring potential collaboration opportunities with Virtuozzo in the future.

One interesting discussion we had during CloudFest 2023 was with representatives from it.com, a leading provider of domain names and digital certificates. We discussed the opportunity to become accredited registrars for their domains, which would allow us to offer a wider range of domain services to our clients.

CloudFest 2023 was an incredible experience and our team is excited to share our post-event insights with you!

Cristian Oancea (CEO): Virtono team had some incredible moments at CloudFest 2023! We’re still amazed by the groundbreaking technologies we saw at CloudFest. From AI-powered solutions to advanced and sustainable cloud infrastructure, the future of our industry is looking bright!

Daniel Dragă (Vice President): The keynotes at CloudFest 2023 were very inspiring. The industry leaders shared their visions and insights, fueling our motivation to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible!

Teodora Moraru (Project Manager): CloudFest 2023 has been a fantastic opportunity for Virtono to build connections with other professionals. We’ve made new friends, potential partners, and learned from the best in the business!

George Bicu (Technical Support Specialist): As CloudFest 2023 came to an end, we’re reflecting on the valuable insights and experiences we’ve gained. Virtono team is more prepared than ever to face the challenges and opportunities ahead!

Cătălin Dragă (CTO): From the Virtono team, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who made CloudFest 2023 an unforgettable experience. We can’t wait to see you all again next year! Until then, stay connected and keep innovating!

Overall, our experience at CloudFest 2023 was a remarkable journey into the future of cloud computing. We left the conference feeling energized and inspired by the incredible potential of cloud technologies in driving innovation and growth. We look forward to attending the next edition of the conference and exploring even more cutting-edge developments in cloud computing.

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