The Linux Mint team has completed the development of Cinnamon 4.8 and provides the standard Mint desktop environment in a new, stable version. The desktop will have its debut with Linux Mint 20.1 »Ulyssa«, which is expected to be released in December.


A function that has long been requested by many users has been implemented with Cinnamon 4.8. In the future, the file manager Nemo can add files or folders to the favorites with the option Add to favorites via the context menu. The entries saved in this way are accessed in Nemo via favorites in the File menu or via the open dialog by right-clicking on a file and a new section in the application menu .

Sleep deeper

The sleep mode has been reworked and combines on demand now suspendand hibernate. The session is first put into suspend mode in order to switch to hibernation after an adjustable period of inactivity. Linux Mint no longer supports “Ulyana” Ubuntu’s Snap format since Mint 20 , but the integration of Flatpak has been improved for Cinnamon 4.8.

Faster JavaScript engine

Under the hood of Cinnamon 4.8, the desktop has been better motorized through the use of Mozilla’s new Mozjs78 JavaScript engine as the Cinnamon JavaScript interpreter (CJS). The start of Cinnamon when booting should be much faster. The GNOME Virtual File System (GVFS) makes room for GNOME GIO when accessing external files . Fractional scaling has been further improved, and icons of applications based on Qt or Electron are better adapted in the system section. The XAppStatusIcon applet helps the icons of other applications such as Mintupdate, Mintreport, Redshift and Rhythmbox to have a more uniform appearance in the system tray.

If you don’t want to wait for Mint 20.1 to try out Cinnamon 4.8, you can currently do so with Arch Linux and probably in a few days also with Manjaro.

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