This tutorial is a part of series of articles on WordPress:

  1. Understanding WordPress
  2. Installing and Setting up WordPress on Virtono
  3. Installing WordPress Manually
  4. Navigating in WordPress Dashboard
  5. Publishing Content
  6. Installing WordPress Plugins
  7. Installing WordPress Themes
  8. Optimizing WordPress Performance
  9. Keeping WordPress Secure

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After the installation is complete, the very first thing you would wish to accomplish is log in to the WordPress administrator dashboard.

Usually, there is a connect to the login page about leading end of WordPress blog. However, some styles don’t have this link. In this case, the simplest way to get on WordPress is with the addition of wp-admin by the end of your website’s address such as this:


This URL will direct you to the login screen where you’ll be asked to enter the administrator’s account. Remember, you entered this info during WordPress installation. In case you have forgotten your password, go through the Lost your password? hyperlink.

After logging in, you will see the administrator dashboard. It’s created to give you a synopsis of your complete website possesses 3 main sections:

A toolbar near the top of the page. It contains links to the mostly used administrative features and resources. For instance, in the event that you hover over your website’s name, you’ll get a hyperlink to the general public view of your website. It also displays basic notifications like improvements and new remarks count.

The main routing menu on the left-hand side. It includes links to all or any administrative displays of WordPress. In the event that you hover over a menu item, a submenu with extra products will be displayed.
The main workshop.

The very first time you get on the WordPress admin panel, you will notice a welcome module which contains some useful links to obtain started.

Once you are more comfortable with the dashboard, press the Dismiss switch to be able to hide this module.

Other Modules:

At a Glance will let you know how many posts, webpages and responses you have. In addition, it shows WordPress edition and theme you are operating.

Activity box offers you a little bit more information regarding your latest articles and comments. It displays the status of most comments and a brief list of the newest comments.

Quick Draft box. Getting into content into this container begins a new post. Nevertheless, you cannot publish one from right here as this box is for taking blogs ideas that you should get back to later.

WordPress News. This module shows the most recent WordPress news.
Each one of these windows offers little arrows used to quickly hide the box. You may also drag and drop them to different positions.

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