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This article focuses on downloading WordPress on a Virtono VPS, if you haven’t tried it out, do so right here.

One reason behind WordPress popularity may be the low program requirements had a need to run this CMS about a web server:

  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater.
  • MySQL edition 5.0.15 or greater or any version of MariaDB.

You would probably need to visit a hosting provider that has WordPress support, such as Virtono. On our shared hosting servers, we have auto-installers to help make the WordPress set up process as easy as possible.

Through the use of auto-installers, users no more suffer from database creation or document uploading.

In this component of our WordPress tutorial, become familiar with two different ways to set up WordPress.

Before proceeding with WordPress installation, you have to decide on how you would like to access your site. Would you like WordPress on your own domain name root (example.com), subfolder (example.com/blog), or subdomain name (blog page.example.com)? Only when you want to set up WordPress on a subdomain name, you will need to take yet another step and produce a subdomain name. On Virtono this is often easily carried out in the Subdomains section.

You can follow along with the Video or Use the Steps written below it.

Option 1.1 – Setting up WordPress on Virtono through the use of Plesk/Cpanel Auto Installer

These steps can be used for Cpanel as well, but for now we are going to use Plesk.
Let’s start with the easiest and fastest method to install WordPress – Virtono auto installer. The actions below show how exactly to install WordPress on Virtono control panel:

  1. On your VPS page, click on End User Panel.

2. Access the VPS you want to install Plesk on.

Click the arrow on the far right

3. Choose Install Tab from the View

4. Now Choose Control Panel

5. Here you can choose Cpanel or Plesk, and like I mentioned I will be going with Plesk.

6. Confirm the dialogue box, it can take upto 90 mins, so go ahead and make a cup of coffee and sit by window and take some time for yourself. We don’t do that enough.

7. After the installation is complete you can try to login to your server and you will be greeted with a slightly different message.

THAT’s IT for Plesk installation.

Now we will go forward with WordPress installation on Plesk.

  1. Access your Plesk Panel using https://<IP>:8443/
  2. You will see the login screen, use your server’s credentials to login.

3. On the left side menu, click on “Websites and Domain”

4. Click on Add Domain.

5. Fill in the Website name and user credentials.


7. Open your domain settings by clicking your domain name.

8. The second column last second option is WordPress Toolkit

9. Click on Install.

10. If you want a custom installation path for wordpress you can choose now, and create/edit the user account.

11. Yes, you guessed it, hit Install now.

Congratulations! You have now successfully installed WordPress on your Website.

Next up : Navigating in WordPress Dashboard

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