With the “Wine” tool you can use Windows programs under Ubuntu. The freeware is free and is constantly developed further. Several million users already use the tool. We will show you how the program works.

The change from XP or another Windows to Ubuntu can fail on many things, but certainly not on non-running software. The fact that a program does not work is rare. We’ll show you how to run programs without native Ubuntu versions in this article.

The freeware runs on Ubuntu, Linux and Mac.
The Freeware runs under Ubuntu, Linux and Mac. (Source: Screenshot, Wine)

“Wine” (Wine is not an emulator) makes all sorts of original Windows functions available on Linux  – in a simple way, by simulating DLL files and forwarding calls to programs. The technical background does not have to be of interest to you, however, the following is important: On the official website you will find a list of programs that can be used with Wine – divided into platinum, gold, silver and other titles. Depending on how well and smooth the operation is. Overall, there are 21,133 products – including many games like World of Warcraft , Left 4 Dead , The Sims 3  and many Adobe tools like Photoshop .

This is how it works

First install Wine or Synaptic from the software center, the app store, from Ubuntu. The search for wine also produces more hits: for example a graphical interface for the configuration – usually you need this however not.

Wine installation from the software center.
Wine installation from the software center. (Source: Screenshot Ubuntu)

Then  download a Windows program such as  “Mp3Tag” , which is very good and most Ubuntu alternatives are striking lengths. Start the EXE file from the context menu.

Installing a Windows EXE with Wine.
Installing a Windows EXE with Wine. (Source: Screenshot Ubuntu)

Simply install the installation routine straight away – including the installation under “C: / Program Files / …”, since Wine simulates the Windows folder structure. Then, start the Windows tool directly from the created shortcut on the desktop.

Mp3Tag by using Wine on Ubuntu.
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