This article shows how to install Synology Assistant on Ubuntu . The Synology Assistant is a small tool to disk or RackStations to locate the local network. It facilitates the commissioning of a new NAS and connects after entering the user information to the web interface of the device. In addition, any number of Synology devices can be monitored. The use of the tool is described in the article Operation of the Synology Assistant.

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You can find the downloads of OS-specific versions in the Synology Download Center . Select your NAS device and then download the program under the heading Linux.


The Linux version of Synology Assistant is compatible with Ubuntu versions 10.04 and later.There are now also versions for 64bit Linux operating systems. An installation of the ia32-libs is therefore no longer necessary. Likewise, Ubuntu packages are now available, a * .tar.gz file is no longer available.

The following steps show how to install Synology Assistant on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS :

  1. If present, remove an older (or beta) version of Synology Assistant
    $ sudo rm -rf / usr / local / Synology / usr / local / bin / SynologyAssistant / usr / local / SynologyAssistant /
  2. Download the file and change to the download directory
  3. Install the downloaded package using dpkg -i :
    $ sudo dpkg -i Downloads / synology-assistant_6.1-15163_amd64.deb

program start

You can now start Synology Assistant in the following ways:

  • via the Start menu, in Ubuntu simply via the integrated search function.
  • over the full path:

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