MySecureShell is a solution which has been made to bring more features to sftp/scp protocol given by OpenSSH. MySecureShell is a really lightweight very secure FTP server you can install in major Linux distribution. MySecureShell is shortly a great alternative to vsvtpd because it is more secure, multi-platform and it is free (Open Source license).MySecureShell was created because of the lack of file transfer features in OpenSSH. OpenSSH was not designed as a file transfer solution, that’s why we made MySecureShell.


Open the video down below, or go to the steps even below.


Step 1-

You have to firstly edit /etc/yum.conf file. So do it using your favorite text editor.

vi /etc/yum.conf

Step 2-
In the editor,
 -Press "i", to get into Insert mode and,
 -Scroll down the page and put these lines in the end part:

-Save the changes and exit the editor  by the command “:wq”


Step 3-

Finally update your server so the newly added repository can be applied.

yum update -y

Step 4-

After that use command below to start the installation:

yum install mysecureshell -y


That’s it. MySecureShell is now ready-to-use.

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