If you’ve come here from this article, great! if not do check it out and compare Web Panels, before settling for one.

So if you’ve already decided lets begin!

ISPmanager is a web-interface that provides everything you need to manage your server through a browser without any significant knowledge of system administration. You can easily add or change parameters of your site, records in DNS, users with FTP access or mailboxes.

This video will guide you through, or just refer the steps below.


Step 1- Login as root in your server.


Step 2-Download the script to start the installation

wget http://cdn.ispsystem.com/install.sh


Step 3-Execute the script

 sh install.sh

Step 4- Open ISPmanager by going to the link


Step 5-  Login as root and password of your root account.


If you’ve installed, start playing around with the dashboard.

Great Work! Young Jedi!

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