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  1. Introduction to Apache Web Server.
  2. Difference between Apache http and Apache Tomcat.
  3. How to Install and Run Apache Web Server on Ubuntu Linux.
  4. How to Install and Run Apache Web Server on Windows 10.(this one)

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So, crack those knuckles and follow along.

Step 1.

Apache is a software, so we have to download it, visit the site


Click on the latest stable release

Step 2.

You want the binaries, click on it.


Step 3.

Now go to ‘win32’ and click on it.


Step 4.

Scroll down to see ‘ApacheHaus’ , open it.


Step 5.

You should have something like this.


Scroll down to see the version of Apache in two variations 32 bit and 64 bit (x64) (blue boxes).

Click on download on whichever one you want (red circles).


Step 6.

Open up the downloaded file, then open up the folder with Apache24 on it.

Copy all the files and folder in it.



Step 7.

Make a new folder in any drive and paste the files in a folder named ‘Apache24’.


Just make sure the address is not much complicated.

Step 8.

Open System Properties, by right clicking on ‘This PC’, then properties.


Step 9.

Open Advanced System Settings.


Step 10.

Click on Environment Variables…


Double Click on ‘Path’


Step 11.

Now click on ‘Browse’

Find the folder you created and select


bin from it and click ok.

After you’ve done that it should look like this.


Now click ok, and the windows will keep closing.

This has to be done because the Web Server’s daemon runs as a Service on windows.


Step 12.

Press win+R, or open Run.



Find the ‘Apache’ service, right click on it and press start.


Step 13.

Open Command Prompt as Admin, and write

httpd –k install

When the window pops “Allow Access”



Open up any browser and write “localhost”, the window below should appear.


You are done!!

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Paul · April 24, 2017 at 10:28 PM

step 12 does not work! please check

Mubashirullah Durrani · December 7, 2018 at 11:31 AM

Step 12 and 13 are out of order. Run the cmd part before the service one. Otherwise, Apache 2.4 will not be visible.

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