Because of our lately growth, beeing bigger then we expected, some of our servers became overcrowded, so a few of them didn’t worked at full capacity.

To solve these problems and avoid them in the future we`ve made many steps, such as:

– Multiple VPS and VDS nodes have been installed;
– We added more Shared Hosting servers with 100% SSD HDD storage and LiteSpeed modules in order to increase your websites loading speed;
– We will continue to increase the number of our servers. Also in a short period of time all of our servers will have 10 Gbps conetions.

We are also planning to stop selling virtual servers with unlimited bandwidth in the future. All existing servers will stay unaffected, unless you want your 100Mbps unmetered vps to be changed to 1Gbps (5TB included traffic). What do you think about this? We are interested in your opinion, so please vote (and comment it) here.

What vps connection type you prefer ?



P.S. Check How To Protect Your Server Against the Dirty COW Linux Vulnerability!

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