The Arduino -Online IDE support with Intel’s help in the future x86-based Linux Computers including migration path to professional IDEs. A fully configured hardware kit is designed to make it easier for embedded developers to get started.

Arduino Create , the online IDE for developing Arduino programs, will also support Up Squared in the future . This was announced by Intel . Aaeon, the manufacturer of the Up Squared, therefore offers a complete kit from the craft calculator , a top plate with Grove plugs and various sensors and actuators. As operating system, the Linux distribution Ubuntu Server is installed, including a number of Intel libraries for the software-side Arduino compatibility and, for example, OpenCV for image recognition.

The Raspberry Pi-inspired crafting calculator Up Squared has, in contrast to other computers of this type, an Intel processor, not an ARM processor or, as usual with the Arduino platform, a microcontroller. Although versions of Up Squared with different Intel processors are available, the complete kit is only available with an Intel Celeron N3350.

  • The board can already be accessed in the Arduino Online IDE (Image: Arduino)

Arduino programs run on Ubuntu using Intel’s MRAA and UPM libraries . They provide the necessary hardware abstraction for the basic Arduino libraries. The MRAA library was first introduced by Intel in 2014 with the Arduino-compatible Galileo board . Intel points out in its statement that the current MRAA integration under Ubuntu should also work with Atom, Core and Xeon processors.

The support of Arduino Create should accelerate the prototyping. For actual software development, the Arduino program can then be exported as a Cmake project and imported into Intel’s System Studio IDE. The export capability of Arduino projects has been hinted at by Arduino in the past and will likely be available in the standard Arduino IDE for all platforms in the future.

Intel discontinued its own line of Arduino-compatible boards during the year . The up-squared-kit available from December is thus for the time being the only explicitly supported by Arduino hardware with Intel technology. But for the price of $ 250 plus tax and shipping, it is significantly more expensive than Intel’s previous offerings.

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