Important Security update. SSD-cached VPS will be rebooted

  • Sunday, 21st December, 2014
  • 18:33pm
An update for OpenVZ was just released to address a serious security vulnerability and it is recommended that we update as soon as possible.

A flaw was found in the way the Linux kernel handled GS segment register base switching when recovering from an #SS (stack segment) fault on an erroneous return to user space. A local, unprivileged Container user could use this flaw to crash the Hardware Node or escalate their privileges on the system.

The changelog of the latest kernel :

A system reboot will be required for the changes to take place. This reboot will affect all SSD-cached Virtual Servers ( VPS ).

If you need any assistance you can contact our support team.

P.S. : This bug is not a part of the Virtono VPS Panel, but rather a bug in OpenVZ.

Security should always be a top priority. To keep your server safe, always use a strong password and keep your server up-to-date ("yum -y update" for centos/redhat and "apt-get -y update" for debian/Ubuntu.

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Support Team
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